Welcome to Automax Animations.
3d/2d, Film & Video, Graphics, VFX House.

Automax Animations had been formed in 2009 after a 9 years of experience in 3D/2D Animations, Video Production & VFX  conceptulation  to cater to the growing animation requirements of the international market. Automax animations received excellent success and recognition in a very short time. Automax  Animations is a post- Production House that caters to the needs of film makers in India / International – commercials, shorts, music videos, animation, and feature films.

Today, after months of research and hard work, Automax Animations  has been formed to 3D/2D Animations & VFX Solutions globally. Our  team has been formed after taking the best talents available in the whole of India. This team has the zeal and talent to Delivery any kinds of challenging jobs before     the scheduled time.